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Great purse. I love the color. Very convenient

I love my purse. It has just enough rom for my basic carry. Lots of pockets to store phone or coins plus hiding spaces for emergency money. I love it. Love the color

Love the pockets and space in my bag. Great as a snack or lunch bag for work. A great diaper bag for carrying baby products. Just a great bath I love it

False Advertising

To advertise polyester as Levis is to insult people's intelligence, on top of wasting their time.

false advertising

How can it be Levis when is made of polyester???

Get me the right vest

We will find out, please

When ever you get a 7 size let me know please

The lady at the store verified everything about the hat we seen online. This was the 4th hat bought online from other places and the first one that was correct in every way❤️ Thank you so so much for your help and making my hubby happy. He put it on in the mirror and said “That’s It”❤️

Cuadra Mens Rider 4X Felt Hat - CF0404RIDR-GRAN

I really liked the hat, and it Really adds my style and my culture 👍👍

Great product

Great product fast shipping

It came fast and good quality

I never received this item . I have emailed you several times with no response to my request for an explanation. I was charged for the item when I order over two weeks ago. Please advise

I got the pants to match the suit jacket. I then had the suit tailored and it looks great! I love the details on the belt loops and the creases on the front are crisp and look nice. The pants are very high waisted which I wasn’t expecting, but I don’t really mind. It’s kind of slimming.


Delivered on time and satisfied!

Great, just what I expected

Great jacket.

Very nice I’m happy with my new shirt from you thanks