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M&F Dark Felt Hat Cleaner - 01047

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Cleans hats and removes most oil & water-based stains on all color-fast felts & fabrics.

Specifically for use on light-colored felt hats and other fabrics.


  • Extremely Flammable.
  • Vapor may cause flash fire.
  • Dust may be harmful if inhaled
  • Contact may irritate eyes.
  • Contest under pressure.


  • Physical Hazards:

Contains extremely flammable gas and liquid under pressure.

Product vapor and liquid may flash, burn or explode if ignited.

Vapor is heavier than air and may become concentrated to hazard levels in low areas.

  • Cans exposed to direct sunlight or otherwise above 120 F (49 C) may burst.

Extra handling charge included in price.

NET WT. 7 OZ .